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Spec-Built,Inc.where Spec-Built means

Service, Quality and Complete Satisfaction

Founded in 1988 by Curtis Davenport, Spec-Built, Inc. has grown to be a leader in the field of interior construction and remodeling in both office and retail space. As our name implies we build to spec using detailed Architectural blueprints following each instruction and detail as specified by some of the leading Architectural Designers.

Since our inception, we have completed over $78 million dollars in projects, which include Department Stores, Business Offices, Management Companies, Retail Facilities and others without a failure to perform to the customer's complete satisfaction.

If you are interested in beginning a project, take a look at the information we have available on this site. Let us show you what we can do for you. Traditional project management has been turned on, fine tuned, and tailored to meet the ever growing needs of our clients.

What can we do for you?

  • Spec Built believes we can extend the benefits of our industry by providing a wide range of professional services that are based on years of expertise. Collectively, our firm represents over 120 years of highly technical experience in these many types of services.

  • Spec Built can integrate the knowledge, creativity, experience, and passions of the design you want and turn them into reality.

  • Spec Built can develop a spirit of partnership between the design build team and the owners, designers, contractors, engineers, planners, and directors for the constructed environment Working together we do whatever it takes transform your companies goals into enjoyable meaningful workplaces.

  • Spec Built is keenly interested in new opportunities, accepting challenges, developing new approaches to our work, and seeking input from our colleagues and clients throughout the industry. The result is a transforming process that works.

  • Spec Built is committed to excellence across the board. As true pioneers in the industry, we continue to provide the highest quality service and value to you as a client.

    What separates Spec Built from other firms in our industry?

    The process we just outlined is tailored in a comprehensive procedure that meets exactly the specs you need to have constructed. We coordinate the entire process with an eye toward the team effort, and troubleshooting. Making sure that the quality meets the industry standards; and using all the skills and resources we have;we know the result will be, a superior quality build, that you are satisfied with.

    We will be the first team you call when the next project crosses the horizon. And we welcome to opportunity to serve you. Take a moment to read about our mission statement by clicking on the button on the left.